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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

To, for once, not talk about holdings and project requirements...

How is the interest in a bootcamp training series for the different STFs.

Each session would include a theoratical part with basic strategy briefing, gear/trait recommendations, a bit of time to optimize your build for the run and the we dive straight into the STF of the day.

Goal would be:
1.Enabling everyone to join a PUG and hold your own in the mission, knowing what and when to do to help with the success of the mission and on occasion maybe even carry the rest of the team.
2. Being able to function in a coordinated premade team and finish the mission at hand with time to spare and all optionals.

We have a lot of new members who are also still learning the game whose PvE will greatly benefit from this , but also some experienced players who have been playing very selectively and run some missions in there sleep while being totally new to some other missions (being a pro in space, but never dipped their toes in a ground run).

Veteran members who know every mission inside out can and should volunteer to join in as coaches for the others.

With enough resonance we can make this a regular event.
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