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Re: Phase II begins re-filming "Mind Sifter"

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This has nothing to do with science fiction or you.
I dislike foolish untruths told as if to assume that one's readers are uninformed or not bright enough to recognize them as such.

You impress no one. I'm not giving you the option of picking who you get to address or ignore in your pursuit of this ridiculous "defense" of a preposterous fabrication.

Let me be clear on this: no fourteen year-old ever scrawled a "script" for a network situation comedy on a yellow legal pad, mailed it cold to a professional producer, had it purchased for forty dollars and produced and broadcast "without a word changed" while credit was dishonestly assigned to a working professional.

That did not happen.

That someone thinks they can get away with telling that kind of nonsense story to a group of reasonably educated strangers - as distinct from, say, tolerant family or sycophantic friends or some naive children - is arrogant and deluded in the extreme.
And you know this for sure, how? I know for a fact that a script can be mailed to a tv show and reach the production staff of that show, because I did it. I wrote a script, mailed it in to the production company making the show and it reached the story editor of the show. He mailed it back, with a positive critique of my script. This is not an impossibility.
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