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Re: A question about holodecks.

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Also one assumes some sort of forced perspective on other living beings taking part in the holodeck so that even if you are basically across the room from them, they appear to be much farther away. Also so you don't have to stick together as a group in the room and go off on your own, even though you actually are basically only a few yards away from each other.

Sound isolation as well. Otherwise you might find people....doing things, upon entering the holodeck.
The logistics of that blows my mind!

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Also, in the Voyager episode "The Killing Game" they were fighting a World War II battle in the holodeck, and the program was messing up, somehow the holodeck became like two or three stories tall when the room was NOT that big!
Actually, that 2-parter established that the Hirogen had forced the crew to convert large portions of the ship into holodecks, so just that once, the holodeck really was several decks high.

Ah that's right. It's been a good while since I've seen that episode. Thanks for the correction. Also, I enjoy your novels. Keep up the good work!
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