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Re: Phase II begins re-filming "Mind Sifter"

This didn't happen in Hollywood, but there was a scandal here in Canada about a producer who put her sister's name on scripts written by american writers (when only local scribes were supposed to have been assigned to their productions, as mandated by financing rules).

The writers got paid a good fee for their work. What was the real reason for the name switcheroo? when productions made in North America and elsewhere get broadcast in some european countries, they get back monies per each broadcast. One script probably won't bring in much money, but when you have your name on say 50 scripts per year that keep getting re-broadcast in many countries, then that's a significant chunk of change...

The scammers got snitched, and boy was the alarm sounded, all of which affected many production companies and workers for years afterward (including yours truly)...

So, I don't know about Andriech's story being true or not, but shady dealings do occur...
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