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Re: NuTrek's Starfleet

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Just noticed that yesterday. Imageshack wants a paid subscription now.

For now, the PDF is on deviantart. I'm planning to re-upload when I get time to make some serious edits.
Downloaded and will review in detail. Just curious if you want/need/desire uniform information? I don't believe there are any in the guide currently. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Also, I will be happy to track down any screenshots that would be helpful to your project
Uniforms are pretty straightforward, and I've been working on some pages to that effect. What I'm really in the market for right now is backstage material and/or concept art that shows different Starfleet elements in isolation or in detail. Any help is appreciated right now.
Well, there are several uniform variants out there, I wasn't sure if it would be included or not.

Also, are there particular components you are looking for?
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