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Re: House of Cards - Season 2 (Discussion & Possible Spoilers)

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(2017) Frank begins his 2nd term, and it goes epicly downhill from there. Facts get uncovered. The "Roman senators" start to circle the wagons. Gets assassinated.

End of series: Frank dies to end the series (it's a classic tragedy, of course he dies), but the way it happens keeps the American public in the dark, and no one ever discovers what a terrible man he is. His legacy is secured. But we know.
I agree that this probably is the only way for series to end. Cant end with "and they lived happily ever after".

Or maybe it can.
After assasination and funeral, next scene is of an southern mansion with an old man sitting on the porch, he lifts his head and looks up to the camera: You didn't really think I died? - THE END -

Just finished watching second season last night. Great season, cant wait for the next one
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