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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I found Stargate: Universe to be badly written from top to bottom, and even then I gave the series 21 episodes before realizing it wasn't improving and abandoning ship.

I submit to you that fans (and, more widely, general audiences) gave up on the series because the producers erroneously believed that grim characterization and dark lighting would magically make it good television...
I can't remember where I read it for the life of me, but I recall an article in which someone applied almost the exact same sentiments to Trek, particularly in the area of visuals. It said something to the effect that after TNG, Trek shows started to become less and less colorful until they eventually became just downright murky with sets largely devoid of color and drab uniform costumes. I think the article referred to later Trek shows as being "visually uninteresting" (except when something was being blown up perhaps).
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