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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

od0_ital said:

Well, maybe because I just watched the first four seasons, so a flashback intro doesn't interest me.
I can understand that.
And, it just seems odd to me that the new character on the show is buried in the second tier credits.
Considering the circumstances surrounding the new character and her timing, there probably wasn't a whole lot that could have been done. There are quite a few SAG rules governing things like credits.

Just finished up 'A View from the Gallery', and that has to be the most contrived bunch of bullshit ever put on television.
Don't leave it there. Be more specific. Was it the structure, the fact that it was about one-off "lower decks" characters?

Though I do get Neroon's "blue collar" avatar entry a couple of weeks ago in Gen SciFi....

Yes! He CAN be taught!
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