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Re: DS9 on blu ray?

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Yes, however in you car analogy is that you can choose to go via the motorway or not.
Not if they didn't build you a motorway - it sucks trying to get into East Anglia for that reason, the only big road (the A14) is insanely overloaded. But, end of analogy I guess!

My solution would be for example say an upto 40Mb connection is 20 then if your exchange can only support upto 8Mb then you pay 4, upto 16Mb 8. Sounds fair to me and it might cause providers to upgrade the exchange.
Hasn't that sort of happened? As far as I can tell bog standard ADSL is now dirt cheap, whereas the high speed connectivity of Virgin Media, BT Infinity etc. commands a bit of a premium.

Don't forget as soon as the mobile operators stop focussing on charging silly money for haf a stinking gig of data on contracts lasting longer than those with the red horny guy, which should happen with a bit more competition, then we should have mobile data as an additional option.
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