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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

So, my first character - Mei Ling - has reached Admiral. It was interesting going back to the cruiser, and finding the turn rate sooooo slow. (Especially in the PvE with the Klingons; it took me the entire length of the match to get just 'two' Klingon ships....even with my attack power set to 100 and using antiproton beam and transphasic torpedo!) Hence, I am now back in my Recon Science Vessel, and I'm considering going back to my Long Range Sci Vessel.

I just created another character - Tactical - Lt. Jeremiah Curtis. And, it's interesting dealing with the turn rate and slow speed (for now) with the Lt. Cruiser. (Note: I didn't realize at the start one was able to select either Tactical, Science, or Engineering!)

Based on time, I am considering a third....maybe fourth character. I am considering an Andorian Engineering officer (male or female)....a Trill (definitely female, based on my fandom for Jadzia Dax) or a Romulan (male or female).

So, favorite sequence is the 'taking back of DS9' as you're walking outside the station....and taking out the Jem'Hadar who have overtook said station. And, the eventually space battle when you're fighting with other ships.
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