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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Altair VI.
B is for Beta Renner.
C is for the Canopus Planet.
D is for Deneva.
E is for Earth.
F is for Ferenginar.
G is for Gravesworld.
H is for Hurada III.
I is for the Independent Organization of Non-aligned Worlds. Aka, the Orion Sindicate.
J is for Jetrel. His appearance showed us another side to Neelix and how his life was formed.
K is for the Klingon High Council, which became the main governing body of the Empire after the last absolute Emperor's reign ended around 2069.
L is for Lal. Data's daughter. She started out her short life as a brain in a box.
M is for Mutara Nebula.
N is for Neptune, eighth planet in Sector 001 and the Sol system.
O is for Odo.
P is for Photon torpedoes.
Q is for Quasar-like phenomena.
R is for Rom of Ferenginar, who succeeded the legendary Zek as Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance at the end of the Dominion War in 2375.
S is for Sam. Jimbo's bro.
T is for Tiberius, James Kirk's middle name and the first name of his paternal grandfather.
U is for Universal Translator.
V is for Ventax II.
W is for Warp Factor 13.
X is for Xindi Aquatic Cruiser.
Y is for the Yridians.
Z is for Zakdorn.
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