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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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SGU was a good show with good writing and acting. It suffered because the `true sg fans` were pissed it didn`t have the camp of the previous 2 series, and subsequently they boycotted it(From top to bottom it had the best acting of all the SG series). The result was a ratings nose dive and cancellation of the series.

Rather than appreciating the show for what it was, and allowing the showrunners to try out a different direction, the fans were ironically the reason why the franchise died, and the idea of the continuation of the franchise through spin offs was not even entertained.
Have to agree with all of that. Of the three Gate series SGU is my favourite by far. Shame it wasn't given then same chance as the others.

wulfio wrote: View Post
It`d be the same as if everyone boycotting DS9 because it wasn`t trek, and forcing it to be cancelled. And then we wouldn`t have gotten 2 more series, and a few movies of star trek.
I love DS9, it is my favourite of all Trek and though I would've been horrified if they'd cancelled it, when you see how poor most of VOY and ENT turned out to be, not getting those series wouldn't really have been a bad thing.
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