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Re: Starbase Studios. A TOS fan film studio for everyone.

Starbase Studios to produce Starship Grissom. A Star Trek Educational Series.

Starship Grissom, the only show actually produced by Starbase Studios, is to our knowledge, the first Star Trek themed educational show. The story follows Cadet Ryley Strong who wins an award and is posted to the Grissom for a mission to colonize a remote planet. The lessons of colonizing our TOS planet will be drawn from the plans to colonize Kepler 186f, the planet recently discovered by NASA which may be inhabitable.

The scripts and accompanying lesson plans are written by a group of local teachers and cover many subjects from science and technology to biology and even art and literature. The lessons meet both Common Core and STEM standards and can be freely downloaded by any teachers in the U.S. for use as part of their classroom curriculum.

We hope to release the first episode as close as possible to the beginning of the school year.

For more information see the Starship Grissom Facebook page.

Starbase Studios
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