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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I'm a fan and I'm not seeing my option: I love the Prime Novelverse, and I love the nuVerse movies, and I'm just fine with BOTH continuing for as long as possible. And if they want to bring yet *another* take along in some form, as well, I'll give that a shot, too.
It sounds like the third option is your choice.
No, because it's more than "I wouldn't mind". I WANT the Prime Timeline back. I just want to see where the nuVerse goes, TOO.
I was going to say the first option is your choice because you do want it back but if you're saying you wouldn't want it back at the expense of the current timeline, the second option is your choice. Other than that, you could just claim fandom to it all with the fourth option. You care but you want it all just the same.

If all else fails, the fifth option is there for the undecided, the unsure, and those on the fence concerned with the many variables that goes into bringing the Prime timeline back.
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