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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Yes, I must have missed it because it wasn't on this thread and I'm only commenting in response to posts and discussions here. If people are ranting on the sites you name, then rant back at them on those sites, not at people on this one. I don't see any wild speculation here about multiple personalities, Tyrion travelling by himself etc, on this thread.

Sure, we've discussed the extent to which the next season will depart from the books, the involvement of the Ironborn and the axing or otherwise of their Kingsmoot but as far as I can see, the discussion has been measured and conducted with reference to evidence and the tidbits we know so far (Balon not being dead yet, Daario referring to capturing 93 ships etc.). And nobody is claiming to know or predict what will happen next season, just like nobody predicted the white walker turning Craster's son or the plot with the mutineers or The Hound and Brienne's duel, etc, etc. So even if the entire Ironborn plot is axed (and my own personal suggestion some pages back, if you'd actually read other posts, was that they'd kept Balon alive so as to do away with the Kingsmoot but would have him send Victarion after Danerys), it's hardly like they're unlikely to come up with new plots of their own to fill the gap.

So to come in and seize on one quote, without reference or context to the discussion surrounding, it and link it to a bunch of discussions on different websites involving different people, is frankly discourteous to the rest of the participants on this thread. Take out your frustration on the people on WIC or on them.

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