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Re: Star Trek TWOK Blue Ray oddity

I wouldn't knock those who've had the chance to see Wrath of Khan on film. As someone who has the opportunity to see it, I too can attest that the coloring on the Blu-ray matches what I saw on screen. I could tell just by the first shot of the film on the Enterprise bridge. Sorry I can't produce concrete evidence, since they don't allow you to photograph or take video of the screen. Some video transfers can't always be trusted and you can't judge a film squarely off of your experience with previous versions. I've seen a video version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture that was unbearably dark that I could barely see anything, but that's not the case with the Blu-ray edition. Another example is how I recently seen a film print of The Terminator and the color from it matched the newly remastered edition than the first Blu-ray edition.
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