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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

I took a look at the second floor. It's got a nice view.
Seems to be there mostly for RP I think.

With the main upgrade completion we unlocked 3 more side projects with some quality of life benefits.

i slotted the first one which will have the biggest reward I think: A Daily Mining Mission for a rich dilithium node. If that is the same as the the one we could get from a lockbox claim, it will yield 5000 ore I believe? plus we have 2 standard mining daily already available which can yield 1000 each. combine them all and you get 7000 ore already with a single mining session there.
get an additional 500 ore the next day by doing the doff assignment and refine and extra 500 instantly.
You are then only 1000 ore away from your daily maximum which you can probably do with a single mission or you hop over to the public Ferengi mine near DS9 and do the daily there, too.

This will guarantee even low level characters an easy maximum dilithium yield without much of a hassle.

Next project in line will be anoth 6% discount on dilithium store costs for everyone.

And last the Mini tailor with another costume store unlock. and then we are really, really completely finished with the holding! XD
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