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No it's not fair, we aren't talking hundreds of miles, you could be in a rural area and be less than a dozen miles from one or more cities.
That's still a dozen miles of cable, to reach 12-24 potential customers along it, whereas running that same cable in a suburban environment would let them reach 1200-2400 (or more) potential customers.

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But aren't in essence rural users who often pay more for an inferior serivce with slower speeds subsidising urban users who often pay less and get a better speed?
Only if there's no difference in the cost-of-service for the ISP to supply you. But in this case there is.
You do know rural exchanges can service hundreds if not into the low end of 1000 premises?

And in the UK a few years back (2010?), Ofcom ruled that Market 1 exchanges (where BT is the sole provider) would be placed under charge control which meant in essence that the BT wholesale could charge would reduce well below RPI. So in theory it would get cheaper for the ISP as they wouldn't pay as much for the line. So that would mean it would get cheaper for the ISP to use that BT wholesale line, so for example it cost the ISP 10 in 2011, in 2012 it might cost them 9, in 2013 it might cost them 8.30 Yet, prices to the end user remained the same or went up.
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