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Jason Thyrion
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The Unknown.

The expanse of territory that lies beyond one's borders, never discovered.

In the unknown lies the very antithesis to comfort and safety. Only hardship and uncertainty are guaranteed. Stars, planets, Alien species, astral pheomena... all are without clear definition until finally observed. Pain, tragedy, sickness and death... not only a certain risk, but virtually a promise to be paid in blood and tears.

And yet the unknown beckons with the call of the sirens, reaching out for those with stalwart constitution and intrepid spirit. It desires those who are restless and thirst for adventure. It wants those willing to undergo great sacrifice in their tireless quests. It is the proving ground for those who can rightfully call themselves 'Explorers'.

As long as the deeply rooted ambition for exploration remains within one's heart, there will always be explorers to travel the cosmos.

The USS Shoho is a Carrier class vessel preparing to leave the Federation's borders for the Unknown expanses beyond.

There are over two-thousand souls onboard the USS Shoho. All Explorers.

All two-thousand of them have stories that just wait to be told.

What will your story be?

The USS Shoho promises to be a sim that provides just about everything that a Star Trek sim can promise; Dangerous Adversaries, Scientific Discoveries, Thrilling Adventure, Fulfilling Interaction, Intriguing New Wonders... and yes, a use for everybody.

This sim is to be Character-Driven, which means the richness of the simming experience comes from what you- the individual simmer- put into it. Make no mistake, there will be plots of major significance, but the primary driving power will come from the individual posts that mold your character into someone that adds their own exquisite colors in the tapestry of our interaction.

As of right now, here are the available Chief Positions Available;

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Starfighter Commander

But do not despair! As stated, there are over two-thousand people onboard, which means two-thousand roles that can be performed. It will not matter whether you have a Department Head position or just an assistant position because each and every one of will you be considered equally valuable to this sim. As such we hope to accumulate plenty of people in the various departments to provide for interaction and your own delicious sub-plots and character arcs.

We need Engineers to wrestle with the logistics of power supply and conversation onboard a ship that is taxed to the limit due to its design. We need Starfighters by the score to engage in battles and dogfights- and there will be LOTS, guaranteed. We need scientists and medical personnel to help analyze and combat any biological dangers as well as record all the discoveries we come across. We need Diplomatic experts who can assist in First Contact procedures. We need Security Guards to maintain the peace onboard. We need Marines to kick butt in all directions. We even need civilians to perform certain functions onboard ship and even offer their own character arcs to who would wish to view them. All will be showcased, none will be left behind.

Taking a lower-rung position is also easier on you because you will not be needlessly badgered to keep involved in the missions if Real Life is giving you a hard time. These are essentially part-time positions you can apply for, and you can post whenever you like. All we ask is the posts you do make be proper and respectful.

If there is a specialist position that you can think of that we do not have listed, contact us.

USS Shoho is an affiliate of Task Force 17, Bravo Fleet. It is also a Play By SMS sim.
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