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In response to FSC requests ... and REM's latest.

Lately I've gotten some emails that the FSC torrent went down. Seemed as good an opportunity to me as any to update things a bit. So, here's a new FSC torrent for you:

As a bonus, for all of you who have been patiently waiting, I'm including a partial draft of the "new" canonized FSC and an advanced WIP draft of my latest effort, Guide to the Klingon Fleet. GKF is about 75-80% complete, enough for you fellows to start taking your carving knives to it. Besides, you guys know this stuff better than I do. Peer review always helps.

Another reason why I'm releasing GKF now is that I know some of the Franchise folks hang out here. GKF is keyed to canon- and licensed-only material. I'd like to include a short list of "accepted" fanon Klingon designs despite their unofficial status. You know the ones I'm talking about -- the rest of Patrick's SFH ships, Todd's K'teremny, Aridas' Kobayashi Maru, Cleev's carrier, Jackill's unique creations, and the like. The ones most fans here accept anyway, regardless of whether or not they're official. If our Franchise friends have no objection, they'll be in the next rev, or possibly in a "special" GKF supplement.

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