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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

^ Yes. It's sort of an unwritten rule in this forum that when you are posting in threads aimed at newbies, to stay aware of where the newbie posters are in the show (and this goes for this thread as well as DS9-related newbie threads) so as to not spoil them.

Shows like DS9 and B5, because they are arc-driven and not just a bunch of stand-alones, are really sensitive to spoilers. So Niners are kinda used to 'the drill' on that point.

No harm done - and we are all buds in here, so no one gets bent if I edit their posts for this sort of thing. We tend to operate under the premise that we are all on the same team 'round here. Shoot...they've even caught me slipping up once or twice, and told me to edit my own post! And they were right!
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