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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

od0_ital said:
Well, I've watched Babylon 5: In the Beginning...and to me, it suffers from the same thing most prequels suffer from, and that's makin' the universe so small.

G'Kar, Franklin & Sheridan knew each other before all three wound up on B5.

Delenn saw Sheridan before he was ever on B5, even though Sinclair thought he was the first human the Minbari ever met.

If the Minbari wanted to know more about humanity, why weren't Sheridan & Franklin kept as prisoners?

Mollari is the reason why G'Kar, Sheridan & Franklin wound up gettin' caught by the Minbari in the first place, what the hell?

Guess its a good thing they didn't hold the triluminary up against Franklin or Sheridan, if they couldn't make it glow, Sinclair would have been screwed later.

And, if that weren't enough, Mollari tells the story of all this the day he dies. So, where was G'Kar while Mollari told his story? Its already shown he was there, in the throne room an hour later.

I agree completely. While ItB is generally pretty good, it's all very contrived and strained how so many of our principles are involved in it and intersect. Feels very artificial and "it's a Babylon 5 movie so we need our Babylon 5 cast in it". The only way to really reconcile it is to say Londo was tellin' some tall tales, mixing in facts he knew about the war with his friends from B5.
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