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Re: Homosexual Rights in the Star Trek Universe

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there is also no solid proof anywhere that Hitler was putting gays in concentration camps. this is once again another hollywood mythology that has spread like wild fire to so that they can push their agenda on us.

the truth is that in the 1940s homosexuality was hidden and hardly talked about. So the reality there could have hardly been no gays put in concentration camps because most homosexuals were closeted by 99% in the 1940s.

Star Trek has been a champion of civl rights and sometimes it shows the horror that people faced to get equal rights. Remember that episode with Captain Sisko trying to make it as a black writer in the 1960s?

star trek has touched on world war 2 in a couple of episodes, However I have yet to see them cover this issues of gays been put in concentration camps.

I have also heard a myth that some blacks had white slaves during the days of slavery in usa. the reality is that when people think of holocust, it is about 6 millions jews being wiped out and when people think of slavery it is about a whole race being enslaved by another race. there is no solid proof anywhere of the other latter that Hollywood has pushed on people. I have yet to see the history channel talk about gays being put in concentration camps and the history channel has done great documentaries in world war 2.

It is great that gay people want homosexual rights in fiction like star trek and in the real world but it is also good to not go overboard with a history by trying to pass a myth as fact.
Are you fucking kidding me?

Paragraph 175?

The Pink Triangle?

Either you're a troll or a terribly misinformed homophobe. In either case that's enough. Do not post this stuff again. If you want to debate this topic, join TNZ and enter the debate there.
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