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Re: Could a Kickstarter Campaign Help Start a New Series?

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But maybe there really isn't. If CBS though that a new Trek TV series was a slam dunk profit-wise, it would either already be here or deep into development.
It's clearly not a slam dunk, especially with all the variables at play. But at some point in the future, it will be profitable enough. Right now the movies are doing just fine in that regard.

I think it will take a successful Star Wars live action series to spur a Star Trek production. Other sci-fi television is going to have to set a precedent first, and there are some hurdles to get there.
True. At some point, a sci-fi TV series of some kind will get popular, rake in tons of money, and the people at CBS will say "Hey! We have that kind of crap sitting in storage! Let's do something with it!"
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