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Re: Should a New Star Trek show be willing to kill off major character

I think writers have more courage than television executives. In fact, I think my cat has more courage than your average tv executive. Most of the deaths in Walking Dead and Game of Thrones were penned long before they were seen on television. They also both have significantly larger-than-average ensemble casts.
As far as House of Cards goes, I think the main character proved early on that any person who opposes him with any kind of tenacity is pretty much marked for death. I can't think of a death on that show which surprised me.

In fact **spoiler alert**

I don't know what this says about me, but when Frank pushed whatsherface in front of the subway car, I actually cheered.

As far as there being no chance of any new Star Trek tv show for a long, long time... I know that very few people would have guessed Han Solo and Luke Skywalker would ever appear on the big screen again just a couple of years ago.

When Star Trek returns to television, it will likely happen just as quickly.
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