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Just a slight deviation here, but has anybody read the Gold Key comics? Great storylines, but I eventually got sick of *every single sentence* ending in an exclamation point. Even Spock's sentences.
That was a consequence of early comic-book printing. The resolution was low enough that periods weren't always visible, so comic-book writers had to use exclamation points most of the time. This was industry-wide, not just Gold Key.

An amusing side effect of this habit was that once in the '70s, DC writer Elliott S. Maggin unthinkingly wrote his name on a form as Elliott S! Maggin, since he was so much in the habit of substituting exclamation points for periods -- and once his editor saw that (I forget whether it was Julius Schwartz or Dennis O'Neill), he dictated that Maggin's name would always be written in the comics as Elliott S! Maggin from then on. And it has been ever since.
Ha! Maggin's one of my very favorite Superman writers (his two Superman paperback novels are wonderful), and I'd always wondered how that "S!" came about. Thanks, Christopher.
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