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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Well yes, I won't deny I've thought of Hugh a couple of times during Voyager. Seven certainly, but at least she was played differently what with not wanting to leave the collective and/or wanting to go back. Also being a hot blonde woman.

Yet the one that really got me was "Drone" which felt just like a remake of I, Borg but with a future borg and Seven mummy issues.

Anyway, after an incredibly late saturday night - well 5am Sunday - and a raging hangover. I did a marathon yesterday. No mini marathon. This was 11 episodes long. I thought it was 12, but it turns out I missed Inside Man. I did think it was a little odd that no one did anything big with the monthly transmissions.

HAHA first proper episode of season 7 and they get rid of all the kids except for Icheb who has decent story potential. Then immediately shows just how much potential he has. Great performance by the two borgs.

As a race fan there was enough to keep me going, and the Paris/Torres relationship becomes the Paris relationship. I especially liked Tom's reasoning of "well you're a pretty gruff woman, I didn't think you liked the mushy stuff". It's that type of thinking that usually gets me into trouble too.
Oh and more Harry just being rubbish at picking women, this time with the xenophobic terrorist. Oh Harry, you can certainly pick em.

Hey, that's the bloke from Angel. Nice episode for Tuvok, and the Marquis thing rears it's head after a very long time. Is this going to be a thing? Especially after that mention in the closing stage of season 6?

Critical Care
Oh, a stinging attack at the US Health Care system. Done pretty well.

Body and Soul
Holy Crap. Jeri Ryan's performance as the Doctor is incredible. It's moments like this that you get reminded how good an actor Ryan is, and why the show does get a little Seven-centric at times. She deserves it.

I like that this episode addressed the fact that Harry is still an Ensign, and that's of th firm belief that under normal circumstances he'd go higher. I'll give him maybe Lieutenant because of his engineering ingeniuty, but this episode is all the proof anyone needs that Harry just isn't cut out for the big time.

Flesh and Blood
I'm not entirely sure this needed to be two episodes, but it did allow the viewer to go along with the Doctor's thinking that the holograms had a point. Keeping Iden's megalomania quiet until halfway through episode 2 was a good twist. Janeway's anti-hologram prejudice is still completely intact too. She might have accepted the Doctor, but it seems she can't see others like him as the same. Good moment where they steal those three holograms that have no personality.
I wasn't sure about Janeway not dishing out any punishment to the Doctor. Sure he can now be fallible

If there's one thing that Voyager does really well, it's the episodes set across different eras. They nail the separate timelines perfectly. Especially like they got some old actors back to re-inforce it. Yay more Seska being creepy around Chakotay. Oh and more Marquis reminders... this is going to go somewhere, isn't it?
It's not a half bad Chakotay episode either. If Beltran didn't get himself into that weird I won't bother working till I get decent material the First Officer would have been a lot more interesting.
Old Icheb and Naomi was nice too. She grows up rather nicely. I wonder why they went with those two and not other descendant since next up is:

Well the ending is touching as hell, and so far season 7 has a lot on offer for Paris and Torres, and it's pretty amazing to give an entire episode to discovering a pregnancy and a character's tortured childhood. That said, most of this episode is spent thinking Torres is god damn mental. She's got these massive hangups about being half Klingon but throughout all we see is a little light teasing as children do (and the sort of stuff you could look back on and realise that's all it was, despite how awful it felt at the time), and B'elanna just being mopey as hell. That knockout punch about her Dad at the end was a killer though.

Soon as they revealed that the brain surgery had fixed the 'bad' prisoner it became obvious that the 'good' prisoner Neelix was cosying up to was going to go south. Really Neelix is crap. We had that episode a while back where Tom and him are worried they're losing their edge, and go about proving that they aren't. Then we get this (and Critical Care where he got done again) and he can't even do what the character was first thought up as. Still, kudos for not giving the happy ending.
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