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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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The Haunting of Deck 13
Another nice episode. But I think I'd have preferred it if Neelix was an unreliable narrator. There's hints that's what they were thinking about, but in the end he just tells the kids everything. BORING.
I don't know that a still don't know what the #@#$%#@$% this episode is all about...

A skipper for me.

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Unimatrix Zero
Ok, not as a bad as the brief synopsis made it sound. I do understand why people complain Voyager neuters the Borg though. Between this and Dark Scorpion the Borg have lost a lot of what made them awesome in the first place.
I believe you are referring to Dark Frontier.

Of all the borg stuff in Voyager, Uni negative zero is the worst IMO.

I think the Borg lost their "awesome" quality when Locutis/Picard defeated them by putting them to "sleep".

I thought it was outrageous that after that defeat, the Borg didn't bother to come after Earth for years and then decided we were so powerful they had to go into our past and assimilate pre-warp Earth. Why not just send another cube to Earth with the sleep function disabled?
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