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Re: Homosexual Rights in the Star Trek Universe

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Given Vulcans Victorian-esque view of sex of all kinds, then intercourse between those of the same sex is probably discussed about as often as they are the opposite sex, which is rarely in public or private.
Hmmm, Spock had a great deal of difficulty discussing sexually matters with his male best friend in Amok Time, but later (Cloud Minders) had no problems discussing the same matters with a woman that he found attractive.

Those that are attracted to the same sex would undergo pon farr, take a partner and "purge" their urge (pon farr may be a mating drive, but it clearly doesn't need to result in conception during every cycle).
But if pon farr is primarily a "mating/reproductive drive" then a gay Vulcan (male of female) might have their sexual orientation "over-ridden" for the duration pon farr with the psychological compulsion to mate with a member of the opposite gender.

Thanks to T'Pol we also know that Vulcans are capable of (and sometimes seek out) sex outwith pon farr ...
Would T'Pol (or any Vulcan female) be capable of conceiving outside of pon farr?

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