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Re: Why was Sulu played off as a normal person but Chekov as a caricat

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On a side note, and I realize that the show's famous for getting many distinguished Trek alumni, one reason why I dislike the Big Bang Theory is because Raj is often the target of just so much microaggression from other characters, and when he complains, they handwave it and dismiss it, as if his experiences don't really count (unless, of course, it's a Raj-centric episode).

I don't see that at all. Among the five core characters, I think every one of them receives microagression from all the others, and dishes it out in kind.
I meant racial microaggressions. Nobody among the other five makes fun of the other characters for being ethnically white; most sort of jabs at the others are about personality quirks, habits, and intelligence -- in essence, individual traits rather than stereotypes. And Jewish jokes tend to come from Howard when he's self-depricating (but has no problems adopting a South Asian accent to mock his best friend on occasion).

It's one reason why a few of my South Asian friends in the sciences won't watch the show -- they get enough of those "small" jokes and are told to get over it by their workmates in real life (again, the "It's No Big Deal" handwave); they don't want to watch it in their escapist fiction, either, especially when Raj doesn't call his friends out on it. Raj is a character with a heart of gold and with more career achievements than my friends have at this time, and yet even someone like him isn't immune to race jokes.
Raj makes fun of them for being white/american quite a lot... (it would be a bit strange for one white person to make fun of another white person for being white - kind of like a trekkie saying 'You like star trek! Loser!') He also rather reinforces the whole business by making fun of his culture himself on a regular basis. Which i can certainly understand that turning people off, in and of itself - I just really don't see this as a question of Raj being unduly 'attacked' and not standing up for himself (if that were applicable to anyone it would be Sheldon, who usually doesn't understand that people are making fun of him).
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