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Re: Could the Fed have renegotiated the Treaty of Algeron...

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if the romulans only allowed the fed 1 cloaking device under the treaty ,whats the story with all the cloaked mines laid by the defiant to blockade the wormhole
It may indeed have been a violation of the Treaty (or possibly a bending of it). Another possible violation was the cloaked Federation holoship in Insurrection.
I forgot all about the cloaked holoship and the mines. Makes me wonder if the Feds rules with cloaked tech is to not employ them on starships.
In TNG's "The Pegasus," it was stated that per the Treaty, the Federation agreed not to develop cloaking technology at all. But there are at least five instances in which the Federation did utilize cloaks (the Starship Pegasus, the aforementioned holoship, the concealment suits in Insurrection, and the "duck blinds" on both the Ba'ku planet & Mintaka III).
However, I keep coming back to how lax the Romulans were with the cloaking device they loaned for the Defiant. Makes me think the Romulans don't really care, and only threaten retaliation as a way to intimidate the Federation.
I think the Romulans knew every single thing the Defiant did and everywhere it went (cloaked or uncloaked)--either through information willingly volunteered by the Federation per their agreement, or covertly by the Romulans' Tal Shiar. I also think that after the Dominion War ended, the Defiant's cloak was uninstalled and returned.

The Romulans may not know about the Pegasus, the holoship on Ba'ku, and the use of cloaks for the various duck blinds...but the Federation might argue that (with the exception of the Pegasus) those were more instances of holographic technology than true cloaks. Holograms may be easily detectable via sensors while cloaks aren't.
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