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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Just saw Pretty Maids All in a Row as well. I thought it was pretty risqué for 1971, yet tame in other ways since there were certain things you couldn't show back then. A teenage boy in the bathroom after some alone time with the hot teacher? Better have him counting sheep.

I liked the sexual nature of the movie but you're right Christopher, it does have a narrow view of sexual liberation. Some guys think that a liberated world would involve hot girls being more willing to make a move but in reality, it would also mean 300-pound men in chaps flaunting it and middle aged ladies going topless, and I don't think that the young male crowd would want that.

I also saw a bit of Gene in something besides the sexual stuff. It was when Tiger was making a recording of how kids should learn as well as society in general. There was some of that modern Trek idealism in there.

A few more fun facts and observations...

- Telly Savalas had a small role but he was fantastic. He really had charisma and was probably the only thing that could distract me from the constant non-stop sex. Telly Savalas and sex. A good combo. That way, something always has your attention.

- A student going to the guidance counsellor to talk about sex? I could never imagine such a thing when I was in high school.

- A lot of the people involved in this movie are either dead or retired including John David Carson, who played the kid. He died in 2009.

- As the closing credits were rolling, I noticed the name "Dawn Roddenberry". I looked her up and she's Gene's daughter. She played "Girl #1". She's currently 60. I didn't know he had a daughter.

- JoAnna Cameron does indeed have a captivating beauty. And yes, those legs... She kind of reminded me of Peyton List. Actually, a lot of the girls reminded me of Peyton List. They just had that look.

- JoAnna Cameron retired from acting. Oddly enough, her last acting role was in a movie called Swan Song. I looked into why she no longer acts and found the following which might be worth looking into...

I'm getting in here late but here is another possible theory as to why JoAnna Cameron didn't get more roles. I can't figure out which book it is looking around on the internet but there is a book either by Gene Roddenberry, or about Gene Roddenberry, in which there is info about a film called Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971), for which Roddenberry wrote the script. Rodenberry wrote the script, it seems, so that every actress that got a role as a "pretty maid" also had a nude scene. Apparently all the actresses agreed and did their nude scenes except one, who backed out on the day the nude scene was to be shot and after there had already been a lot of footage shot of her, so it wasn't worth replacing her. As a result, according to this book, contracts for films requiring nudity were rewritten in the industry so that it was clear the actor or actress had agreed to do nudity. The actress that backed out is never identified in the book, but if you watch the movie, or see the Playboy pictorial published at the release of the film, it seems JoAnna was the only actress with a fairly major role who did no nudity. - Source
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