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Re: Speculations on Star Trek 3?

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Let's see ...

Captain Kirk? check.
Mister Spock? check.
A ship called Enterprise? check.
Let's see ...

A character named Captain Kirk who is significantly different than the character previously seen, Check.

A character named Spock who make little attempt to control his emotions and who is openly engaging in a sexual affair with a junior officer. Check.

A ship called Enterprise. Check.

I don't even think Kirk is that particularly different than TOS Kirk in basic traits, just how they're emphasized and how fast they are developed is different. Both Kirk's are cock-sure of themselves. Both like to charm the ladies. Both are incredibly intelligent and fast thinking. Both have a personal moral compass that drives them. Both can chafe at authority. Both are brave. Both can be glib. Both are leaders, though one is more well-formed than the other because he's ten years older. Both rush in where angels fear to tread. Both are physical and won't duck a fight. There are probably even more comparisons that are apt, but that's enough.

I think the writers said they were most scared writing for Kirk, but captured his essence and at least made me believe that was Jim Kirk and he was doing what any Jim Kirk would've done living in the same circumstances.

As far as Spock goes, his planet of six billion people was destroyed in ST09, and he controlled his emotions very well until Kirk finally pulled them out of him. Remember, it's Kirk himself in TWOK who said that of all the souls he encountered, Spock's was the most human. And as far as his other outbursts go, they're well within the parameters of Spock Prime, especially the young Spock. (Once more, with feeling, "The women!") In TUC, Spock was so disgusted with Valeris at the end that he essentially mind-raped her. That wasn't being in very good control of his emotions, either.

About the Spock and Uhura relationship, at least on screen, we have no idea if it's gotten as far sex, especially while they were at the academy.

Edited to add: Never saw that commercial. Hilarious!
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