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Re: Speculations on Star Trek 3?

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A character named Captain Kirk who is significantly different than the character previously seen, Check.
Who is ten years younger than when we see his prime universe counterpart. Check.
And who has lived a very different life. Kind of a Picard/Shinzon thing, though much less extreme.
Nail on the head. Regardless of it's sci fi trappings, TOS always had am old-school hero adventure thing going on as well, and that was always an important part of the series, it was colorful and a bit mad in parts, for me, despite it's faults with some of the writing in the 2 movies, I think JJ Trek has captured that side of it perfectly. The movies have a slight screwbally energy to them that captures TOS in ways I didn't think they would.

Yes they are big-budget action movies, but I see that as the icing on the cake rather than a shame. We've had tons of slow, talky outings, I've secretly always wanted to see Trek given this treatment, even if it is just for a few movies.

Old Trek was on it's arse, it was time for something new for a while, and this comes from an absolutely massive fan of The Motion Picture for crying out loud!

It's breathed new life into an ailing franchise - I know loads of people who have never watched a second of Trek who havd loved the new movies - surely that's a good thing? We can't all stay in this little gang getting old on our own can we?
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