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Re: Homosexual Rights in the Star Trek Universe

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The two cases that I think might produce contradictory results are the Ferengi and Vulcan. Both might tolerate homosexuality, but other values might discourage it. Quark and other Ferengi have generally treated relationships, sexual as well as purely reproductive, as acquisitions. Moreover, Ferengi have a skewed understanding of gender, which is reflected in the unequal relationship of marriage. How far can a same-sex relationship go if a it must be formalized contractually at some point? Ferengi might not regard such relationships as aberrant, but not being good business might have take a toll.
The Ferengi are the biggest horn-dogs in the galaxy (after Kirk that is), eyeing females as little more than property with brides being essentially bought from their fathers--of course that is going to skew their perception on relations with the opposite sex. There is a Rule of Acquisition (I forget which number) that says it never hurts to suck up to the boss, one way to accomplish that would be to offer sexual favours. As for a formalised contractual same-sex relationship, wouldn't it be the same way as hiring an escort/gigolo/prostitute--you pay money for expected physical gratification (the Ferengi would just have more paperwork ).

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Conversely, what happens when a species is either indifferent to or actively seeks to repress its basic drives? Vulcan relationships are so ritualized and formalized that I think it's fair to wonder whether there is room for recreative sexuality of any type, hetero- or homosexual. The fact that two children are psychically bonded before they (probably) can express themselves with sexual maturity is extraordinarily problematic. From T'Pol, I get the sense that most Vulcans see relationships as a formality that they all go through without really questioning things. I guess two boys or two girls could be bonded at an early age, but we would be left with the same questions Trip made about heterosexual marriage: how can an individual want the relationship that has been arranged for them? I guess what I am saying is that it may not matter whether Vulcans tolerate homosexual relationships (or if they are common) is there isn't much room for free will and self-expression in any relationship.
Given Vulcans Victorian-esque view of sex of all kinds, then intercourse between those of the same sex is probably discussed about as often as they are the opposite sex, which is rarely in public or private. Those that are attracted to the same sex would undergo pon farr, take a partner and "purge" their urge (pon farr may be a mating drive, but it clearly doesn't need to result in conception during every cycle). Thanks to T'Pol we also know that Vulcans are capable of (and sometimes seek out) sex outwith pon farr so those of any orientation could 'enjoy' it whenever they wanted, if it was logical of course .
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