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Re: Hannibal (TV series)

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So, they have a 7-season plan do they? I figured on 4 or 5. I really hope they can get this Clarice Starling business cleared up. It'd be a real shame if they had to move forward without her. I'm somewhat confident that they will clear it up. And I'm even more confident that the show will run the course. It's got the support of Netflix, where I just watched the entire season in 4 days. I was surprised that they put it up so soon. This is how I'll watch it from now on.
As Aragorn said, the plan is now for six seasons and I could see Fuller changing that so it might even be five seasons depending on how much they squeeze into Season 3. Which I think is a good idea. Look at Breaking Bad, which ran for five seasons and I feel like that show ended on a high note. Shows often feel like they've run their course after six or seven seasons so I'm glad Fuller re-thought his plan. Although I'm sure seven seasons would have been a great run for this show given how immensely good it is.

Fuller also mentioned that if they can't resolve the rights issue with the Clarice Starling character then Fuller will create a brand-new character that resembles Starling but has a different name. They did the same for Cynthia Nixon's character. They were originally going to call her Paula Krendler (after Paul Krendler from The Silence of the Lambs; Ray Liotta played him in Hannibal) but given the rights issue they had to re-name her character, even though she serves the same purpose as Krendler from the books. I think Anna Chlumsky's character Miriam Lass could play the same role Starling did whenever they get to The Silence of the Lambs, but I trust Fuller knows what he's doing.
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