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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

So, taking intrinsical's advice, I'm becoming used to my ship controls as well as my controls on ground missions. (As a ship commander advances, this is really important).

For space missions and combat:
I've noticed that some Heavy Romulan Warbirds love to use those annoying cloaked tractor beams, so my science officer (Vulcan, of course) has learned a nifty tractor beam inhibitor which I use frequently when I come up against those buggers.

I also have equipped (thanks to my science officer's skill) a nifty sensor scrambler....among certain other scramblers or 'debuffs' that my own character has learned and is added to the ship's stats.

Right now, I'm trying out an aft mine launcher, which was used on me a few missions back by the Hirogen (?)

After going through all the ships I have, it seems like the long range science vessal suits me. It turns and moves fluidly, and it's quick thanks to my new warp core, character and console additions.

I'd decided to change up to my Ambassador-class - the U.S.S. Nyota Uhura - for a mission, but then I noticed something wasn't quite right. So, I returned to my soon-to-be modified Intrepid-class vessel, the U.S.S. Bessie Coleman.

It just puts one of my engineering officers out of a station because - since it's a science vessel - it adds one more science station in lieu of an engineering or tactical station. Hence, when I get my next ship during my next promotion, I'll be looking at: Number of stations, number of consoles, and slots for weapons.

Note: My heavy cruiser was a close second in the decision between it and my science vessel, but it only has a science station up to Lieutenant rank, and the learned abilities for my science officer - my bridge officer, not my actual character - is ranked around Lt. Cmdr.

(I'm still debating on whether or not I should discharge one of my engineering officers, but both of them are cool on ground missions: One is able to create a turret gun and the other creates a nice shield for when I come up against a group of enemies).

And that brings me to...

Ground Missions:
Since my character is science based she (yes, I'm playing a 'she') has a science kit. This new kit, based on my rank of Captain, allows me to have three (?) research additions and 1 medical addition for ground missions.

I have cool personal attacks like scrambling sensors, 'caging' certain foes, or creating a perimeter of fire (which sends a group of enemies running like crazy while my officers take them down. It was awesome seeing the Hirogen - the great hunters - being taken down so easily.

On a separate note, I'm trying to figure out which duty officers to put on active duty to give my ship more boost. And, I'm still trying to figure out the best ship console additions.

(*sigh* Such an addictive game).
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