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Re: Season SIX OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I think Mark Twain got even more annoying on the blu ray set. I was watching the episodes tonight and I was even wondering why did they include Clemens anyway? What purpose did he serve other than criticizing the 24th century? I kind of wish they had focused more on Jack London, but he did play the "Young man with big dreams" trope so maybe it's good that they didn't.
I'm not a fan of episodes where trek travel into earth's past in general, unless it is on the holodeck. With this one they really went overboard trying to make them run into famous people. I think they had too much going on at once. Time travel, time loops, historical people, guinan's thing, data's head, too much going on.

So many bad moments with Twain. It is so bad its good. Picard meets famous author Mark Twain and all he says is "sorry gotta run, wish I coulda stayed and interacted with you." But the funniest part is how he pops up out of nowhere at the end on the bridge.

I think they should have focused more on the Guinan thing really. Ditch the historical characters and make the entire thing about Guinan.

I just watched Ship in a Bottle, and man that is an awesome episode. I can't decide which holodeck eps are better, the Moriarty episodes or the Leah Brahms, both great.
Kind of feel bad for Hardin though. I've been watching X-Files and he played a major role as Deep Throat in X-Files' first season. It was a good role and showed how much the actor was pretty good. They wasted his talents in these two episodes, and that's unfortunate.

Some of my favorite trek episodes take place on earth in the past though, like Future's End, City on the Edge of Forever, and Past Tense. This episode could have worked too, if they hadn't made Twain so annoying.

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