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Re: Season SIX OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Man am I glad Chain of Command was the standalone instead of Time's Arrow. Mark Twain was just as grating in glorious bluray As cool as Data's head was, that episode was too silly to me. I think Chain of Command is my favorite out of all the combined standalones.

So many good episodes in this season. Also Picard's love interest in Lessons is smoking hot.
I think Mark Twain got even more annoying on the blu ray set. I was watching the episodes tonight and I was even wondering why did they include Clemens anyway? What purpose did he serve other than criticizing the 24th century? I kind of wish they had focused more on Jack London, but he did play the "Young man with big dreams" trope so maybe it's good that they didn't.

Anyone else like Realm of Fear? It's probably not my favorite Barcley episode, but it's up there. Part of it was we finally got to see what happens during transport (Which looked beautiful in HD by the way), but it was using Barcley in a great way. Also, it felt very TNG, with the whole microbes in the transporter thing. I actually forgot how much I loved this episode until tonight.

Not looking forward to revisiting Man of the People again, or as I like to call the episode that gave Deanna Troi a bad hair day until the 7th season. Still, it's been a while and I will watch them all, and I'm even looking forward to seeing Aquiel again so go figure.
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