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Re: Season SIX OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Luck was with me, and Mr. Postman delivered TNG Season Six on Blu-ray today. As I mentioned above, my plan was to immediately watch the ender of Season Five and do a "Time's Arrow" double feature to kick things off.

The look was consistent across the two episodes, so it made for a nice experience. Man, I really have to congratulate CBD-Digital and the work they're doing on these episodes. For years after the onset of HDTV we heard how impossible it would be to get STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - and indeed any TV series of that era - into high definition.

I was fairly resigned to have these shows be "relics" of another era and then through this miraculous restoration effort, they've managed the impossible.

So often we get into a comfort level when watching great pictures and listening to great sound on today's equipment and gradually this wonderful restoration begins to just look "normal." As one watches them, the eye-popping factor becomes commonplace and we might forget how truly miraculous it all is.

Then we play a "Next Week" trailer, see the old transfer quality, and realize all over again just how good good can be.

I never bought the "Unification" two-parter, and so far have not considered "Chain Of Command". Am I really missing anything? I did get the "Best Of Both Worlds" and "Redemption" discs on Blu-ray and justified those by knowing I was getting an extra episode from the next season early. These other two are included in the series set and are nicely included on the same disc, unlike the DVD versions which often split them with the rigid four-to-a-disc format.

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