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Re: Season SIX OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I'll watch Times Arrow together. Last night was the special features and gag reel.

Speaking of special features, man some of the behind the scenes staff can be really dry. I was really hoping (and maybe my expectations were too high) that we would have special features that went beyond what was happening with the show, maybe something along the lines of what Fandom was like when a season was going on. That's what we kind of got in Seasons 1-3, and Season 5 focused on Roddenberry but Season 4 and 6 honestly have felt kind of lazy and DVD rehashed.

The first part of the documentary felt so out of place because half of it was focused on DS9 which I felt like was a rehash of what we got of the DS9 season 1 DVD set. The back half and part 2 of the documentary just felt really boring, even though there were some interesting moments.

Part 3 of the documentary was the best, mainly because it focused on the cast, mainly Whoopi Goldberg and John DeLancie.

The Chain of Command feature was the best of the bunch this time around. Loved the Ronny Cox interview, but I was surprised they got the actress who played probably my favorite Admiral in Star Trek, Admiral Naychayav. Good find Blu Ray crew. Loved her stories on how she got the part and how she keeps notes of the characters she plays. These extra sets are worth the extra price and I might go back and get Unification.
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