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Re: LE: One Constant Star by David R. George III Review Thread (Spoile

Christopher wrote: View Post
I'm very uneasy with the idea of legally compelling people to suppress or surrender natural physical advantages that could be used as weapons.
A position I agree with, I think. I note there's no firm conclusion or easy answer in your post; I respect that.

I just keep thinking of it like this: It might seem like a happy or easy solution to require Orion females to chemically suppress their pheromones, at least if they're of unusual strength, but even if 19 out of 20 Orion girls in the UFP happily did so without a second thought, there's going to be that twentieth girl who's thinking "I'm not a bad person. I know we Orions are often seen as criminals, not to be trusted, that we Orion girls are often seen as obsessed with sex. They don't trust me because of what I am. They're singling me out as inherently unsafe, inherently a problem, inherently against them". Not the sort of thing the UFP would be wanting to do, and it's very hard to be told that your inclusion depends on being less than what you naturally are.

I'm generally a very liberal person (I would stress that that's liberal with a small l, not a political affiliation as an American or Australian, to use two differing examples, might read it), so I too tend to distrust any blanket controls or impositions; being too hands-off is usually the lesser of two evils with me, compared with being too-hands on.

I suppose rather than require an Orion female to suppress pheromones, there could be easily-available pheromone blockers that people could discreetly take if there are Orions around? That would sit more easily with me.

Also...where would the line be drawn, legally? Pheramones of this level are okay, no different from being unusually charismatic, etc., but at this level, slightly above, you're drugging people and it needs to be controlled?
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