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Re: LE: One Constant Star by David R. George III Review Thread (Spoile

I'm very uneasy with the idea of legally compelling people to suppress or surrender natural physical advantages that could be used as weapons. I mean, lots of people have advantages. In humans, men are usually stronger than women, and sadly, some of them turn that edge into a weapon against women, or against weaker men. Of course we should regulate people's behavior, teach them not to use their physical advantages to harm or impose upon others and penalize them when they do. But drugging or mutilating them to remove those physical advantages would be taking it too far. I certainly wasn't endorsing the Vostigye's rules vis-a-vis the Casciron in PoI.

I think the rule in the Federation would be the same as the rule in our society: People are going to have different advantages that could be used to dominate or harm others, but the law only penalizes them for using those advantages in such ways, rather than pre-emptively punishing or restricting them for having advantages in the first place.

I mean, suppressing or altering people's biology to bring their abilities in line with everyone else sounds like the kind of Procrustean solution the Breen would employ. The Federation is about respecting diversity, trusting and encouraging citizens to use their diverse gifts in a positive way.
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