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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

I love this episode. It's got a title from Euripides (IIRC, the only Star Trek episode ever to do that), it's got superb hamfests from Ihnan, Craig and Shatner, a brilliant death scene with Craig, allusions to chess and Solomon, a planet called 'Elba II'... and the only Orion makeup I ever liked, incidentally. It's camp, sure, but as fun as they get. Definately better on that field than the atrocious "The Way to Eden" or the meandering "Spock's Brain." I'd rate it as one of the third season's best episodes, behind more the obvious contenders like "The Enterprise Incident" and "The Tholian Web."

An additional plus is that it's unusually adherent to Trek continuity. Aside from the neural neutraliser, there's an Andorian, a Tellarite, an Orion, and a bit of discussion of the vaguely-alluded to Axanar incident from "Court Martial". TOS's continuity could be pretty fluid and spotty, but this is it on a damn good day.
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