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Re: New live action "Turtles"?

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I'm really conflicted about this now. On one hand, yes it does look silly (and I'm still not sold on the Turtles' noses). But on the other hand it looks fun and seems to have a bit of the spark that makes the Turtles so fun.

Dammit...I'm probably going to see this in theaters.
That's kind of how i feel.. i miss the cartoony look of the original movies.

However there was one scene in the new trailer that had me laughing quite a bit.. when April takes a picture of the high fiving Turtles on the rooftop and the flash goes off.

They stop in the middle of the high five and wonder what this was.. that was a true Turtle moment

It sure looks like a Bay movie and for Turtles that may not be bad necessarily. If they kept the old style Turtles i would be excited for it, as it stands i'm interested and may see it at the theater if an opportunity presents itself and some of my friends want to see it too.
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