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Re: LE: One Constant Star by David R. George III Review Thread (Spoile

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Am I the only one who, when Tenger's backstory was given, wondered how it fits in with Orion "slave" women being the real rulers of their society?
Some of the books, e.g. Rise of the Federation series, have gone into that in more depth and suggested (logically, I think) that the degree of pheromonal allure differs from Orion to Orion, so that while some females are powerful and seductive enough pheromone-wise that they become de facto rulers of their society, others aren't (and the women who are guard their control jealously, at that). The commoner woman isn't anything special. I suppose that might also contribute to the desire among some Orion women to be as beautiful and alluring as possible, even through artificial means - it would be, perhaps, part and parcel of seeking to better yourself economically in the super-capitalist Orion system?
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