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Re: "Guilty Pleasure" Movies

I don't really like the phrase guilty pleasure as I feel no guilt about the pleasure I take from things, but if we are talking films I like that most people would generally agree are crap:

Class of Nuke 'Em High - Radioactive ooze is turning the kids funny. Troma films are all terrible, but mostly all great too. And you've just got to admire they way they got things done.

Class of 1999 - Fantastic movie about a terminator style robot teacher sent in to control kids in an urban school, but things go badly wrong, or right, if you're a terminator style robot teacher.

Lifeforce - Naked space vampire girl snogs people to death who turn into zombies and must snog other people to death within 24 hours or they explode. London overrun with snogging crazed zombies, Mathilda May's breasts and Patrick Stewart made of blood. Enough said.

Street Trash - Dodgy liquor is making tramps melt. Contains a very entertaining game of catch with a severed penis.

Body Melt - Something is rotten in Pebble's Court, and it's the people. They've become the unknowing test subjects for a new diet pill, and it is causing havoc. Tentacle growth, penis explosions, and more general melting of people.

I'll stop here. My bad movie collection is absolutely epic, I could go on forever.
So it goes.
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