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Re: "Guilty Pleasure" Movies

Midnight Madness (1980): Disney's answer to Animal House! This college hi-jinks movie about an all-night scavenger hunt in L.A. between 5 teams conforming to a stereotype (the jocks, the nerds, the sorority girls, the goodie-goods and the cheaters) is just about as bad as it sounds. The acting is bad, the writing is bad, the directing is bad. So why do I love it so much? Why does it make me laugh hysterically every time I watch it? I never want to know the answer. Fun Fact: One of the directors (yes, two cooks in the kitchen, which may explain a few things) went on to direct a lot of big TV shows starting in the '90s, including several episodes of the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" series.
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