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Re: Malcolm Reed and his love-life *** minor spoiler ***

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There was also Silent Enemy where Reed's friend tells Hoshi Reed frequented a seafood restaurant because he had a thing for the waitress, despite the fact he actually hates seafood. Also, in Shuttlepod One he composes messages for several ex-girlfriends. And also, the example I provided earlier from E-squared where he laments not being married in the other timeline and then proceeds to try and chat up the first woman he sees.
a lot of those examples rely on him referring to off-screen girlfriends, though. They could be just as easily fictitious, or just passing flirtations that Reed is making a bigger deal about them than they were.

He's trapped in a metal box, slowly running out of oxygen and believes that he has almost no chance of surviving - I don't think he'd spend his remaining time composing letters to fictitious ex-girlfriends. And also, in that same episode, he dreams about T'Pol being sexually attracted to him.
You know what though, as a gay guy, I could see things differently. Now bear with me. Let's say Reed has had a thing for Trip since Broken Bow. He was so into Trip in the pilot he talks about Tucker non stop with Travis, saying more than once Trip told him to keep his shirt on. Was that a phrase to tell Reed to be patient, or was it in some reference to Reed's attraction to him.

So flash forward to Shuttle Pod One. Reed's alone, with his man, drinking booze, talking about old sex conquests. Reed wants Trips attention so he recited letters to make him jealous. And when the letter writing didn't do anything but annoy Trip, he switches gears to talking buddy buddy, wink wink, about T'Pols ass. And to prove how terrible gay he is, he can't even say ass, he says bum.

(ETA: Don't give me any crap about his being British. Even if he was from Milwaukee he'd still call it a bum)

Later in the episode, when he dreams of T'Pol, was it him desiring T'Pol, or was he just interested in what his man Trip saw in her. It's not a bromance. I see now Reed was in love with Tucker in all four seasons, and the Enterprise relaunch, to the point where he goes to rescue his man from the Romulans , takes him into his arms, and make love to each other in the shuttle pod. No wait that was Trip and T'Pol. And it was T'Pol who originally was going to go after Trip. But Reed, like any gay guy, aint going to let no Vulcan flusie take his man without a fight.
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