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Re: TNG: The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang Review Thread (Spoilers!)

This was a delightful book. Bouncy, engaging, a little silly in all the right places while showing us a very serious and convincing picture of Data 2.0 (a wonderful new take on Data), Lal, La Forge, and Moriarty. All very well drawn as characters. It was just generally a fun ride, "lighter" fare compared to the heavy Cold Equations or Fall series. Yes, there's a little too much in the way of cameos, but this is the sequel in spirit to Immortal Coil, so it's almost a requirement. There were some sparkling lines - Moriarty's "I am nothing if not a self-aware villain" being the best. The humour was great - slightly silly without ever becoming farcical, as I remember Lang's humour being from his other Trek books - and Alice is a wonderful addition. Shakti is great too. All in all, just a really enjoyable Trek book. Above average.

EDIT: As Paris said, the little continuity threads were appreciated, too. A fair few nods to Indistinguishable From Magic and The Fall alongside those to Cold Equations.

Data 2.0 is both greatly familiar and alarmingly unpredictable - Lang did a very good job with him. I'm eager for further Data/Lal adventures.
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